Our Current Week Meals

1 Choice of 2 selections per day, every single day!

Our NEXT Weeks Meals

1 Choice of 2 selections per day, every single day!

Our Philosophy

We are committed to delivering the best possible gastronomic experiences. From fine dining establishments to innovative nutrition projects, we are dedicated to satisfying the needs and desires of each and every one of our customers!

The nutrify® project is a customised nutrition project aiming to nutritionally support the optimal children’s growth in its school environment. Our core value is to provide nourishment of high value, therefore its name, nutrify®. We believe in high first raw quality, pure ingredients and balanced nutrient supply. We do not count calories, we strive for nutrients!  We operate in a framework that implements the Ending Childhood Obesity Commission Plan of  The World Health Organization and -at the same time- we fully comply with national legislation on the quality of food served within schools. Moreover, apart from providing high quality, balanced and nutrient-rich meals and products, we actively engage into health promoting initiatives in order to embed lifetime healthy eating habits. 

At the same time, we are green, we love recycling and composting, we believe in educational initiatives, we are going cashless – stay tuned!, we are social, we are communicative. We put no boundaries to what we do!

But, most of all, we are here to support the entire St Catherine’s School community in any way fitting our operation. Please, pass by and meet us and our handpicked products in person, we would really love that!